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ABSeals VMQ 259x200 1

VMQ – Silicone

Thanks to its chemical composition, it features high resistance to weathering, light and ozone. Moreover, its excellent resistance to high and low temperatures enable a wide operating range. Although its tearing and abrasion resistance are not high, its low friction coefficient compensates for efficiency.

It is resistant to mineral, vegetable, natural and hydraulic oils, if temperature does not exceed 60°C. It is resistant to glycol-based fluids and has good resistance to temperatures from -55°C to peaks of 180°C.

It is widely used both in the medical and food industries.

It should never be used with petrol.

Prefix Code:- S7

Hardness:- 70 duro shore A

Colour:-  Rust Red

Temperature Range:- -60ºC to +210ºC