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ABSeals FKM 244x200 1

FKM – Fluorocarbon Elastomer

The fluoro-elastomer, commonly known as Viton, is a synthetic rubber with high thermal resistance.

It features excellent resistance to oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and chemicals.

It is ideal for manufacturing O-rings or seals for applications requiring stability and memory at high temperatures.

Prefix Code:- V7

Hardness:- 75 ± 5 duro shore A

Colour:- Black (BK) & Brown (BR)

Temperature Range:- -25ºC to +220ºC

Prefix Code:- V9

Hardness:- 90 ± 5 duro shore A

Colour:- Black (BK) & Brown (BR)

Temperature Range:- -25ºC to +220ºC